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Posted on Wed Apr 26th, 2017 @ 9:29pm by Brigadier General Katana Leah & Commander Jon Thompson & Colonel Roman Dagara & Lieutenant Commander Derin Ral & Major Alexander (Lex) Kainen & Lieutenant David Mattis & Lieutenant Jamie Leigh McDonald & Lieutenant S├ębastien Grimaldi PhD. & Captain Christian Rogers & Captain Dirk Callahan & Lieutenant JG Matthew O'Daire & Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: USS Cairo
Timeline: October 5, 2388; 1800h - MD1

Leah arrived back on the Bridge after she took a short nap to rest up since she was feeling a bit tired today has been a busy day. It was time for the USS Cairo to depart. "Colonel Leah to Lieutenant Mattis, is the Cairo ready to depart?" Leah asked looking around the bridge.

"Ready as she will ever be, still re-wiring a few things down here".

"Very good," Leah said then ended the call. She then looked over to Major Kainen "Please open a channel to Roosevelt Station." Leah ordered as she waited.

Lex hit a few buttons on his station and opened a comm channel to the station. "Channel open Colonel"

Once the channel was open, "Colonel Leah to Roosevelt Station, we would like permission to disembark from the station." Leah requested.

"Colonel this is Roosevelt Station, you are free to disembark and may God Speed" The Docking Master replied in response. Leah nodded then ended the comm channel then looked towards Captain Callahan. "Please bring all power and engines online and start the dismount from the station. Once we are clear of the station set course for the Breen, Cardassian Boarders and Warp 9." Leah ordered as she sat down.

"All power and engines coming online, maneuvering thrusters full." Callahan replied, as his hands glided across the panel. A few moments passed and soon they were clear of the station. "We're now clear of the station, engaging warp speed."

She received word that both the Melbourne and Sirus have already departed and headed to their area's the same time the Cairo departed. She sat back and watched the Cairo move away from the Station and then go to warp towards their destination.

Down in Engineering, Mattis was still busy re-wiring things.

Thompson was on the Bridge as it was his shift on the Bridge, he would keep an eye on things from up their while Mattis was down in engineering doing his thing.

With the announcement of a 'code blue' over the ship's systems, and second platoon in the mess hall, many of the Marines stood, leaving their food and went to get a spot at the ports in order to get a good look at the ship disembarking. For many of them, this represented the time when they became extraneous - once they left the starbase and ventured into open space, their duties were limited and there wasn't much more for them to do until they had a ship to board, or some action dirtside where they'd be called to action.

Very few things could take a Marine away from their chow, but the transition from starbase to open space certainly did it.

For Rogers, however, he was just finishing in the Wardroom when the announcement came across. He glanced at his chrono and noted that they'd be arriving in their patrol sector just about an hour shy of a new day.

"XO," he said, looking across the table. "Guess it's time to get on the patrol schedule."

"Aye, Captain," First Lieutenant Frye said with his own dinner nearly finished. That was all Rogers needed to do at the moment. From this point out, his squads would be on a staggered duty schedule to keep some squads ready to activate at a moment's notice.

Roman sat on the bridge in his seat next to the Colonels chair tapping away viewing the information about the station and viewing the course that they would be set in. He was very pleased to finally be back on shipboard duty and was looking forward to working with the crew. Reports were in and everyone was ready for leaving.

Felicia moved with ease around the bridge watching and keeping available should anyone need anything. It would be a great launch for them on the new USS Cairo. She quickly touched her hand to her head and closed off of her mind. She was waiting for some fun to begin and a chance to just enjoy her time. In face her Daughter at the last minute had decided to come with them so that she could see what it was like to be a Marine and was pleased to see that she was willing to even learn and work with anyone. She had already volunteered to work in the Bar that was on board.

A light on the tatical pannel light up infront of Lex indicating a message. He tapped the light and a report from his assistant security cheif came up and he quickly read it.

"Colonel all security stations checked in and are manned and ready."

"Science is standing by, Colonel," Lieutenant McDonald added, while inwardly praying to every deity she could name for it to be true. Arriving at the last minute had forced her to put total faith in the department she was now responsible for, before she had even met most of the people working in it. And while she could easily be monitoring everything from the science department, she was curious to witness things from the Bridge as the Cairo set off.


Kila and her staff were busy double and triple checking all of their supplies to ensure they were fully stocked for their mission. Kila had special ordered Cardassian medications a few hours ago and luckily they had just arrived in the past ten minutes. They would be fully prepared to help any Cardassian who was injured, but if a Breen were to be in need she would be flying blind. With one final confirmation from her head nurse she tapped her combadge. =/\= Dr Thysev to Bridge. We are all set down here and are ready to depart. =/\=

Derin Ral's Quarters

Derin had taken the opportunity to meditate in his quarters. He wasemotionally and physically naked on the floor. Candles and Betazoid idols surrounded him. He was centered.

In his state of mind he focused on several things at once. the first was his work. The second was his family, primaily his mother. Lwazanda was newly divorced, and not taking things so well. derin harbored some guilt over the fact that he hadn't contacted eith of his parents in some time. He made the mental note to send word to both the next day or so.

Crew Lounge

O'Daire was enjoying a drink at the crew lounge when the Cairo jumped to warp. He looked out the viewport, lost in thought. Finishing his drink, he settled into his seat with a contented sigh and soon drifted off to sleep.


Touching a button on a nearby panel, Mattis opened a channel and said, "Mattis to Bridge, be advised that Torpedo Launcher 1 and Phaser Arrays 3 and 4 will be offline for at least 7 hours to facilitate repairs".

"What reason would they be offline?" Leah asked as their shouldn't have been issues with them. "You got 5 hours to get it done!" Leah stated sternly getting annoyed they should have had all work done hours ago.

"With respect Ma'am, the idiots who installed these systems, and whoever was responsible for their up keep, are a bunch of morons, and there is no way i can get this done in 5 hours".

She looked around the bridge and took a deep breathe, "I don't care who done it, I want it done in 5 hours do you understand me, pull double duty I don't care what you have to do. I want them done in 5 hours I don't want to arrive with our pants down." Leah stated, "This should have been found like yesterday not now." Leah added sternly.

Lex couldn't believe what he was hearing over the comm, he and lieutenant Mattis had done a complete diagnostic of the tatical systems so there would be no surprises. Everything checked out, what could have happened in the short time he had been testing his theory on expanding the sensors range.

"Yes Ma'am", Mattis said holding his breath. "But i will remind you Ma'am that I have been going over every system, fixing what i have found malfunctioning, and just found these".

"You have your orders Leah out," Leah stated then looked at Lieutenant Thompson. "Please go down to Engineering and help him out and make sure it gets done in 5 hours." Leah stated as she looked at him. "Yes sir," Thompson said as he stood up and headed off the bridge and headed towards Engineering.

"Kainen to engineering"

"Go Ahead', Mattis said, annoyance in his voice.

"We just conducted a full diagnostic on the phaser and torpedo systems, everything came back with operational specs, what happened?"

"With regards to the diagnostics, i have no clue." "I was going over those those systems by hand when i found out they were malfunctioning".

Roman shook his head it seemed like there was a strange side to this ship. He knew Leah only be reputation. He looked around the bridge to see if anyone else had listened to the orders. He tapped a few buttons on the console at the side of his chair. He looked at the information knowing that the arrays were damaged but what had caused this damage especially as this was a new ship.

"Kainen, if you don't' believe me or doubt my competence, come have a look for yourself", Mattis said respectfully.

Leah just shook her head as she stood up and walked to her Ready Room leaving Roman to the Bridge. She wanted to get some work done before getting something to eat.


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