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An Accident

Posted on Wed May 31st, 2017 @ 11:31pm by Commander Jon Thompson

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Diplomatic Facilities/Medical Bay
Timeline: October 6, 2388; 0730h - MD2

Jon was busy working on a section of the wall that needed to be expanded a bit for more room when all of a sudden their was a small explosion and Jon was thrown all the way back near the back of the room and fell unconscious. The fire was quickly put out and an engineer that was working with Jon but on the other side of the facility quickly tapped his comabadge. "Medical Emergency in the Diplomatic Facilities someone please come quick." The engineer stated as he grabbed a nearby medical kit to help control the bleeding on his head while they waited for Medical to show up.

Kila had received the message and came running through the door in a manner of minutes, medical bag in hand, and quickly triased the room to decide that the Lieutenant in Operations gold was the in the most need of attention. The doctor kneeled by her new patient and began running scans with her tricorder. The quick examination revealed fractures of the right Ulna, ribs 5 through 7, and several hairlines along the skull. With a few adjustments to the tool's intensity she was able to spot a level three concussion as well as some minor damage to the inner ear.

The Andorian reached into her bag and prepared a hypospray before pressing it to the man's neck.

The Engineer moved out of the way so the Doctor could work, "I not sure exactly what happened was working on a console when I heard an explosion and he ended up next to me." The Ensign replied looking at the Doctor hoping that Lieutenant Thompson would be alright.

Kila smiled at the Engineer. "He's a little banged up, but h'll be ok. I just gave him an injection that should reduce any cranial pressure and wake him up anytime now. I'll have to move him to sickbay but in a day or two he'll be back to normal."

Jon moaned, "w-what happened?" Jon slowly asked as he was beginning to wake up. "Ohhhhh the pain...." he added as he was hurting all over.

Dr. Thysev warmly looked into the eyes of her patient. "Well Lieutenant, I would say you just learned why explosions and the human body aren't good friends. You have a few broken bones and some other injuries that I would like to get a better look at. If you wouldn't mind accompanying me to Sickbay we can get you patched up. Unless you don't like my company."

He just nodded, "I think that be best." Jon replied as he tried to get up but was in to much pain to even move. "Just fix me up so I can get back to work." Jon replied looking at the Doctor.

A quick transport later and they were in Exam 1 of sickbay with Lieutenant Thompson prone on the biobed. With a quick tap of a few buttons and the sensor cluster came to life. Kila looked over the new data from the more detailed scans and confirmed that her earlier assessment was right. A few broken bones that needed mending but the worrying thing was the concussion. She grabbed a Neurocortical monitor from a tray by the bed and made a few adjustments before placing behind her patient's ear. "By the way I'm Dr. Thysev, but you can call me Kila. Can you please tell me your name?

"Jon Thompson" Jon replied trying to stay awake his head was pounding and he was feeling sleepy. But, with the pain he just couldn't go to sleep even if he wanted to.

Kila prepared a hypospray with a dosage of a pain killer while she analyzed the readouts from the monitor. It was just as she thought and she wasn't sure her patient would like it. Kila turned to him and gave a sympathetic glance. "I have good news and bad news Jon. Which would you like to hear first?"

Jon sighed for a moment, "Just give it to me." Jon replied as he looked at her.

"Well, the good news is I can fix your fractures in a couple of minutes," Kila paused because she truly hated disappointing people. "The bad news is you have a level 3 concussion and I can't clear you for duty for at least a day."

"Very well, I guess I need a break anyways." Jon said disappointed but their was nothing he could do and it do him no good to argue with a doctor. He learned that arguing with one never gets you anywhere.

His response took Kila by complete surprise. "Really? No argument? I'm sorry but I'm more used to my patients arguing that they must return to work. I have lost track of how many people I had to sedate just so they would stay put." The doctor smiled in a way that no one could tell if she was serious or joking.

"I am not one to argue, and I have learned not to argue with a Doctor because it will get you no where." Jon replied looking at her.

Kila pressed the hypo to his neck and inject the reliever before continuing. "Your a smart man Jon." She turned to left and grabbed the Osteo-regenerator before turning back to him with a soothing smile. "Now lets get to work."


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