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Getting Intelligence

Posted on Sun Jun 4th, 2017 @ 9:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Derin Ral & Brigadier General Katana Leah

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Colonel's Office
Timeline: October 6, 2388; 0800h - MD2

Leah had placed the Cairo on yellow alert while they were patrolling to keep weapons on standby just in case they need to be activated rather quickly. She hoped not but she wanted to be prepared. She tapped her combadge, "Colonel Leah to Commander Ral could you please come to my office?" Leah asked as she looked around her office.

With a large PADD in hand, Derin diverted his stride to accommodate the request. "On my way ma'am." He tapped his own combadge and entered the turbolift. A moment passed and he was deposited on Deck One. Crossing the bridge, the Betazoid reached out and depressed the chime control.

"Enter," Leah stated as she looked up from her reports.

Derin entered the office with a distinct non-chalance. "You wished to see me Ma'am." The Betazoid held the his Tablet tight at his side.

"Yes please take a seat, would you like something to drink?" Leah asked as she got up and walked over to the replicator to get herself a glass of tea, sweet.

"No ma'am." He said abruptly, taking the offered seat. He placed the PADD on his lap and waited for her to return to her seat.

She got her drink and returned to her seat, "Since we have arrived and have started our patrol I'd like you and your team to start gathering information. I am not sure if you find anything but get what you can." Leah began. "I like to know whatever is going on or not going on." Leah added looking at him.

Derin nodded his understanding. "I will have my people on it directly ma'am." He was making direct eye contact with the Bajoran. "I will liase with the other assets in our proximity to coordinate information."

"Very good, I would like a full report by the end of today." Leah stated looking at him. "Well if there's not questions there's really nothing more I need from you at the moment so you are free to go." Leah stated with a smile.

Derin grabbed his PADD and stood. "Thank you ma'am. " The Betazoid turned on his heel and left the Ready Room. He made a line for the lift and headed to Intelligence.


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