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Another morning in starfleet

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 6:53pm by Major Alexander (Lex) Kainen

Mission: S1E2: The Surprise Attack
Location: Chief Tatical Officers Quarters.
Timeline: MD 2 0600

Kainen awoke to synthesized voice of the computer.

"The time is 0600 Major."

He slowly opened his eyes and stared at the plane bulkhead above his bed for a few moments, his mind going over the rather intense dream he was just having, it was the same one he had almost every night since the invasion of Cardassia. He had seen several councilors about it but they all couldn't help, they all said it would go away in time but it never had.

He slowly rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed, he streched causing a crack in his neck as his joints shifted from there resting position. Scratching an itch on the back of his neck he got up and headed to the washroom.

He emerged ten minites later, the sonic shower had woken him up some but it always took him a good half hour to fully wake up. He put on his uniform, attaching his rank pins to his collar then after slightly straiting it in the mirror headed out of his quorters and headed for the mess hall.

Arriving at the mess hall he went to one of the replicators.

"Computer, three sunny side up eggs, six strips of bacon crispy, two slices of ham, and a side of hash browns."

The computer beeped then his order appeared in the replicator alcove. He grabbed it then ordered a large orange juice with low pulp then went and sat at one of the free tables.

He ate alone occasionally looking around at the crew members that were coming and going. He smiled a few of his security officers who were like him getting breakfast before they came on shift.

He finished his meal then put the tray back into the replicator and hit the disposal button. He then left the mess hall almost running into a warrant officer that was coming in at the same time. He quickly apologized as did the other crewman. He then made his way to the turbolift.

He entered the lift, "Bridge."

The lift sped off. It arrived at the bridge and the doors slid open. Kainen stepped off and walked across the bridge to the tactical station. He nodded to the Lt. Colonel as he walked by. The young lieutenant who was manning the tactical station stood up strait.

"Major? I wasn't expecting you for another half hour."

"I know lieutenant I'm early, but since I'm here I'll relieve you, anything interesting happen?"

"No very boring sir."

"Alright lieutenant, your relieved go get some chow."

The lieutenant smiled, "thank you major, i was starting to get hungry. You know how 3ed shift is."

The lieutenant signed out of the station and left. Kainen took the station over and signed in. He brought up the tactical system status and after a quick review he was happy with it and closed it down and began the morning diagnostics.


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